Starting Seeds Indoors: Recycling Used Containers

Welcome to the first video in our new series, 'Starting Seeds Indoors'. Follow this journey to learn simple tips to ensure success!

Starting Seeds Indoors: Recycling used containers


1. Take a used clear or frosted container, this works best if the container has a lid but if you don't have a lid you can cover the top with almost anything. The idea is to encourage humidity to help germination.

2. Carefully create some drainage holes on the bottom of your container to ensure excess water has a way to escape.

3. Use premoistened seed starting mix to almost fill your container. To premoisten just add water and mix until you can squeeze the soil so it holds it shape but not too wet that water squeezes out.

4. Take a pencil (or your finger) and make holes in your soil to the depth that your seeds need to planted (some seeds won't need this step as they'll need light to germinate but all of the information can be found on your seed packet.

5. Pop 1-2 seeds in each hole. If your seeds are a few years old you may need to put 5-6 seeds in the ensure germination.

6. Cover the seeds with soil and use a spray bottle to water in.

7. Pop on the lid and place your seeds on a sunny South facing windowsill and keep an eye out for you seedlings.

Remember not to let your seeds dry out and take the lid off once all your seedlings emerge.

Happy planting! 😊

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