Flower Pressing Gift Box

Flower Pressing Gift Box

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Gift the nature lover in your life a very special activity! 

Flower pressing is a great way for both adults and children alike to identify and learn about botany and the natural world all around us. It also lets you keep your favorite flowers on display all year round by pressing them and creating a DIY botanical print.

Giftbox includes:

- 1 Luxury Birch Flower Press With Brass Fittings 

- 5 A4 Corrugated Separator Cards

- 8 Sheets of Acid-Free 300 GSM Blotting Paper

- 1 Wildflowers of Ireland Guide by Zoe Devlin

- 1 Wildflowers Gift Card

- 100% Recycable Cardboard Gift box with Shredded Card. Both certified by FSC.org - sourced using Sustainable Forestry Practises.

- 1 Mini Dried Bouquet