What if I have an all-white bouquet?

We love preserving all types of wedding bouquets, but there are some things to be aware of before you decide to preserve your bouquet. Many brides love a traditional and classic white bouquet to match their white dress.

Colourful bouquets do tend to preserve their original colour better than white bouquets and don’t brown as often, though they will fade over time like any dried flower will. While some preservation artists won’t accept all-white bouquets, our aim is to provide our clients with a timeless piece of art for their home including brides with an all-white bouquet.

While we do prefer to work with colourful bouquets, it is not a requirement to work with us. These are the things to be aware of if you choose to preserve your all-white bouquet with us:

  • Every white flower dries in a different shade, some ivory, some yellow, some pale blue and some brown. So while your bouquet was all white, your preserved bouquet most likely won’t be.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that while we do everything possible to seal and preserve them, white flowers will turn brown - even fresh white flowers can brown slightly. If the flower has already started to die when we receive it, the browning will spread from the centre and be darker than a fresh flower. However in the long run, all flowers will not look as bright, no matter how fresh they are when we preserve them. 

To minimise brown flowers in your frame, you can:

  • Get your flowers to us asap after your wedding, ideally the next day. Once they start to wither, the flowers are a lot more likely to brown.
  • If shipping, please follow these instructions to get them to us in the best possible condition.
  • Add greenery and foliage for a more “full” looking final design
  • Type of flower - not all white flowers are equal. Some hold their colour better. These include ranunculus, larkspur, hydrangea, and sweet pea. Those that don’t include peonies, roses (especially garden), chrysanthemums. Lisianthus are very pretty when preserved, but it is worth bearing in mind that they will be yellow rather than their original white.
  • You can also opt to replace white blooms with fresher ones. We work with a local florist and can replace white blooms in your bouquet that have withered or rotted before beginning preservation if requested to.
  • Finally you can opt to request a colour match, this is when we apply a special paint to achieve the original colour as best as possible.