• Step 1: Booking in & getting the bouquet to us

    Pay a €100 deposit to secure your wedding date (deducted from final balance due after your wedding). We recommend getting the bouquet to us within 5 days of your wedding.

  • Step 2: Preservation (6-8 weeks)

    On average, it takes 6-8 weeks for your flowers to completely dry and ensure all moisture is removed. The remaining balance (depends on style chosen) is due at this stage.

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  • Step 3: Design (2 weeks)

    We will use the blooms that preserved the best (usually about 70% of flowers received) to create a unique piece of art. We will send you images of your completed piece before framing.

  • Step 4: Framing (1-2 weeks)

    Framing in a custom made Irish frame, solid wood & real glass.